Plocherkat Small
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Plocherkat Small

The smaller version of the plocherkat is designed for shorter lengths of pipes and water consumption of approximately 333 Litres or 73 gallons per day.

It just clips or screws onto the pipe or directly on the tap or appliances. The clip version is ideal to take along when travelling or on holidays.


Plocher Kat

Agricultural Catalogue



Water of spring quality for human consumption and for use in households, commerce, industry and agriculture.

  • The plocherkat is neither electric nor magnetic
  • Easily installed
  • No maintenance needed
  • Works on a permanent basis (in use since 1986)
  • Reduces pollutants like heavy metals from household pipes (e.g. iron, copper and zinc), nutrients (ammonia, nitrate, phosphate) as well as chloride and bacteria.
  • Reduction of lime deposits: less lime scale on taps and pipes, tiles, pots, glass containers, heaters, coffee and washing machines etc. Existing lime scale in pipes is slowly reduced which extends the life of installations and appliances
  • Vitalizes and sanitizes tap water
  • Ideal for homes or public buildings

Suggested application:

plocherkat is used for households, clinics, offices as well as workshops.

For flats/apartments, high water consumption or very hard water, several plocherkats can be installed in a row.

Important note: clean pressure tanks beforehand.

Simple installation: the water pipe is placed between the stainless steel plates and fastened.

Flush pipes thoroughly after 14 days, repeat if necessary.

Strong electrical currents disturb the function of the plocherkat. In case of large electrical appliances or machinery nearby, it is advisable to check the electromagnetic frequencies near the installation point.

In case of more than 200 nano Tesla it is advisable to install the plocherkat at another location.

Installing an e-smog angle in addition to the plocherkat optimizes the result.

Additional Information
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Carrier Material:

Stainless Steel